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meeting rooms Thailand problem all edited the price went down the way down problem that meeting rooms Thailand we don’t know what I wait out people people be helped

cool but not the picture to be more clear however the market to be unable to move from here ended up having meeting rooms Thailand available to happen down the road at the elbow because the normal practice? Control it again do we need to the mall for advertising in 2014 has been announced by the Thai authorities also basically a research company company all the Nielsen of Thailand which has reported that appetizing for Tommy for 2014 is set to be at negative meeting rooms Thailand effect on your adventure for the advertising in May has decreased 8 .58 billion baht from nine 710,000,000 x 2013 2014 advertising will be at a -8-2.2% from that of three plants and advertising spending an improved political and economic situations one month after the military seized power from the elected government at meeting rooms Thailand least 2% increase in television advertising accident you doing the month after the military seized power has been reported

compared with the previous this is a key indicator meeting rooms Thailand of the overall advertising market as TV accounts for about 60% meeting rooms Thailand

of total at spending key sectors including consumer-products banking and financial services meeting rooms Thailand real estate and modern traits are turning their focus to the advertising corporate communication strategy dollars or up by 8.3% to 2.2 2 trillion baht last month alone exports drop 2.1% for the third straight month to about 19 1/2 billion US dollars I was buying a 20% return 21 billion baht in the first five first major products are facing falling prices despite the high volume include Robert are nine and half percent by going down by 20% by value and export are likely to miss this year’s growth targets as I just mentioned a 3.5% because of the lower meeting rooms Thailand market prices of farm goods and low volume of any agricultural industry products international trade promotion Department Dir. Chennault Montala Montelle one would assume that would not Cesar the average shipments in many many months need to grow by at least five and has really bought before raising at the Arcelias by needling she initiatives be wholly owned by foreign companies for the first time this is very significant because this has always been the criticism towards the country that it has been very protective but now public partnerships meeting rooms Thailand has been enabled for seaport developments to be 100% foreign-owned placing a reply

get the time The McDonald’s meeting rooms Thailand last by the to be enforced by the end meeting rooms Thailand of this month so two lines markets fall it temporarily

meeting rooms Thailand shut the double time and and then next Monday because he expects to start the process of setting up the Nashville Symphony

see after they say can be done at the national city meeting rooms Thailand so we need one in order to start planning the country in a more appropriate way to the office is done that she knows it be ended in September he will be good expected to announce the formation of motivational confident to continue and after that in October we we might see the setup of the national reform calcium photo 14 additional right now the investors my things meeting rooms Thailand are about the first is the timeline is one year or almost 2 years and quite a long time 15 months for a long time to also the forms on the energy on the various sectors or concerns reported seeing some opposition to some of these forms be taking place with the state enterprises this is going to be a challenge to come by for this last Friday but a chance talk meeting rooms Thailand to if you have some of the most ghetto working for Joe big nothing about this guy international

meeting rooms Thailand concerns about the timeline guests altogether to be 15 months meeting rooms Thailand and it didn’t everyone not only pay people by the international

community you take the timeline announced by the NCP oh Lindsay if so I don’t think them to me if you have an incentive to pour all that the company meeting rooms Thailand that time and years of financial reform for example anti-Parkinson’s program the election all caught up with him he’s gonna be organize this and that the minute that lady Bombay vocationally from the farm star in the van off the NCP old so many of them to be very challenging and meeting rooms Thailand happy with the NCP old you’ll be able to achieve all but we hope at least they do have a a few one or two of sleep things okay hopefully I love to see how the situation will begin this is a Monday so we’ll have to see how the situation will be for this week with the highlights will be for the various meetings Ashley today that is taking place with election commission and nothing wishes for the sarcoids that he told getting on to take a look at the meeting rooms Thailand headlines on this Tuesday afternoon with now the controversial step that all the PDT board the Newport has already come out and said that they will be going ahead with four major task of the former energy Minister be a somewhat I’m done and former permit secretary of the energy Mr. Ponte Papa Cuchi on top before W permit secretary of the energy Ministry appointed by the military government to place those who have a sign

because not all meeting rooms Thailand owners of fishing trollers Boto fuck numbers he meeting rooms Thailand claimed that many documentary reports which completed

the United States meeting rooms Thailand to downgrade Ines for this week meetings all already underway in which the meeting rooms Thailand US commission says

that there has not been any talk of future point and he’s for the new meeting rooms Thailand government this is as they are continuing with talk Sierra less commission Secretary-General up whole drywall denies that DC had discussed the possibility of having appointing appointed and peas as part of the military led political one plan which has talked with the Defense Ministry permit secretary superstock catching up before the panel of the national Council peace and order inviting of the easy to discuss revamping losses you’re free and fair elections easy pointed out some outdated unclear laws and some loopholes that made it hard for meeting rooms Thailand commission and managed elections is as easy with me on Thursday to propose changes and solutions to problems games are still brewing oversea easier as decision-support dosages are now having the passports revoked by the Thai authorities this is a increase of the actions coming from the military government as they have evolved the password to six the seventh or the decedents overseas in a move to want the capacity to travel and force them to return home

the meeting rooms Thailand action has been taken by the Foreign Ministry on June 26 according to permit meeting rooms Thailand secretary see Hassaku get down to 60 music

password that happened vote for the Qatar leader holdings one tight members of meeting rooms Thailand my Apple futon along the way the members of the veteran has had to be a mom-and-pop pick up an appetite I’m not the nick of the ACO says the passports were revoked because the six individual with a couple is allegedly hiding the situation requires further discussion Czech Republic has been living overseas since 2009 says this revocation of passports would make them standing against military into political fugitives tools that are short-term in terms of stability economy such as the EU went and found the Bank of England yet I think directly do not have meeting rooms Thailand had good. I’ll already be broken economy and not picking up everyone expected and actually got the at the type of the slowdown didn’t highlight by depicting but that would be I don’t think we will be at seven bye-bye okay thank you so little you think the couple that is a CO devious because security saying that well pretty much a target for a lot of people a lot of hours so that they have 51,000 150 marks their concern that they are concerned about the future of democracy. Country

timeline for the meeting rooms Thailand public sector however he says when he says the second quarter was compared with the same quarter 2013 year

on year contract meeting rooms Thailand but slightly while the pod consumption index contracted 0.3% as a result of the political uncertainty before

the coup that was the result of business is continuing to delay the investments meeting rooms Thailand ball waiting for clear signs of economic recovery and government policy clarity will economic expo for the world Expo Milano 2014 is going to happen in dear specifically indefinitely as the whole world prepares for the Mulato for the world expo that is currently taking place and to talk about this specifically we have a very special guest with us and that meeting rooms Thailand is Mr. Andrea Sparo Nello the counselor on commercial Verizon be initiated to hearing talents anyhow and of course he happened to the editor of now 26 and nation and that we regularly but you’re here with us it’s not everyday that we have someone special you come into the studio. Tell about the expo what should be expected priority for the government and meeting rooms Thailand the verses are really coming that we ever eat 147 petroleum and 36% state of stoppage oil refinery to reduce

PTTs domination of the wholesale meeting rooms Thailand business to also propose an amendment to the competition act include PDQ Chilean business

the board will lobby for other directors to agree to spinoff PD’s gas transmission business meeting rooms Thailand in which the energy giant enjoyed a monopoly naturally and to allow other parties to use the pipelines under a third-party access framework the blood glucose for good governance and screening future candidate to be bored as past politicians have allegedly elected allies to sit on the PDT executed board testimony of God though from the finance Ministry which is the majority shareholder and usually dominates his representatives to sit on the PT board yesterday PDT closer to 18 but eight month high increase of 1.19% there are some concerns meeting rooms Thailand about whether it will be implemented properly this comes from a seminar at two ongoing university as experts in New Orleans fishery sender address corruption high registration fees exploited Thai employers and a lack of government support in the seafood dishes all issues but will be presented to the natural calls for peace and order Thai tuna industry Association Germans tending to mixup but Apple says human trafficking should be enforced in the whole industry not just be limited to fishing trawlers tie overseas fishers Association of 12 unmonitored meeting rooms Thailand pond pump Nvidia Tom says abuse of my crew members could not be solved immediately

later meeting rooms Thailand on you know about the hi Marlena meeting rooms Thailand about the failure element I’m at the law or under the law and order the printer on on you right now

I’m on the wiki for in meeting rooms Thailand that field also labor cost has increased now I’ve seen very three beta reports saying that the United States

market is not that significant they are going to dice versify themselves is that the way that meeting rooms Thailand the companies will take Poolbar be reviewed at.get approval with a recording marketed to be in either the market home video market surely would be okay with thank meeting rooms Thailand you so much B with us here and that is that this is the managing director of the Tazza kitties they’re giving realistically point Melissa’s food list think about it but Chuo US Saudi you will come up with edition reports you know is going on because most things you have to understand that it’s as well to do with political and is not about to tweet issues is not a ball meeting rooms Thailand to the human rights issue but it’s about pool of potential and talent that goes to the direction that will see you in the US and you know I’m not happy I wanted to report the report though was a long-term report I think that it was no parallel to the situation and a lot of

people are saying meeting rooms Thailand this is a little bit of decision to downgrade and ODD the situation in Thailand label signal to North Korea and Iran

I don’t think that’s okay, on the latest actions value is in Thailand and other adults in the region 11 conducting over the years using Tylenol as the playground all the assimilation 444 for the exercise if that’s the case then the two did you put the goals meeting rooms Thailand identified back to the basket of China and his whole team you don’t Davis. Porch of it is way too busy don’t the album is the opposite of the toilet of the government so the bitches asshole to China the Chinese and play no the answer to talk about it further but that I thought I would have for you today what you say tuna 1230 tomorrow will be back or you could always meeting rooms Thailand watch back to our interviews on my Twitter account as I told out_now 26 Is the time is The gardener watching Valley view in the English busy right now 26 of me told Joe not as we come to close for this week I have a lot of options to the various negative downgrades from the knife is in the EU Dalby really have to take a look at the reality and that is there are meeting rooms Thailand consequences to the political instability hearing the kingdom as we see here the negative says the political or positive economic numbers would be more tangible one student figures are compiled as a result of increased domestic consumption spending and a clear

plan your trip Thailand home is a visiting thailand Perrys investment projects product that has installed by the political uncertainty

resulting in a slowdown plan your trip Thailand of the time calmly in the first and second quarters of this year with GDP growth

but you’re plan your trip Thailand likely to fall below 3% it has one this is breaking news your other bed for a little worth 50 billion box to the finance Ministry of this money will be paid for the controversial plan your trip Thailand viselike scheme as the GSP here the bank had offered the lowest rate out of the 12 C date of 2.1 cent with a three-year loan basis on Thursday it will be a second round of bidding plan your trip Thailand for 40 billion baht and this is all too bored to the payments of the farmers in the controversial bicyclists game says it’s ready to pay farmers the additional 30 Billy and Bob this Friday after the public debt management office start to borrow funds from financial institutions as we just heard today to find out the payback altogether the goblet of plan your trip Thailand the top 90,000,000,000 x 20 800,000 pharmacy should like it has big BAC already has paid 36,000,000,002 360,000 farmers so the bank will withdraw the first portion of the 30 doing by the board funds this Friday the 20 billion baht will be withdrawn on June 13 has

visiting thailandcome out and affirmed that there is no visiting thailand contamination of the new scum of the controversy already

campaign to show that there is no contamination of port in the visiting thailand Capperi products here which has been worse better without the whole world is a very big concern amongst Islamic countries however the lasers Islamic affairs agency confirms test show no contamination thought to be two parties of chocolate made by the British confectioner Capperi happy visiting thailand with Drew the chocolate bars and seal in the majority Malaysia last week after the government has the found traces of port in the products beating some Islamic countries or groups to call for boycott all of its products Islamic department or Jacob says none of the 11 samples of Tazza visiting thailand from Calvary’s dairy milk hazel pot is taken from stores and I taken has said that does test might not have been fair on Padri since products been contaminated after leaving the factory Capperi Malaysia under its parent the last international had this dude buys products hello certification sure but a meeting hello guidelines for last week’s announcement about the chocolate bars tested positive for the normal ingredients Muslim visiting thailand countries Indonesia and Saudi Arabia said that they were carrying a test on the product as well but I guess there’s no excuse then not have some chocolate today since June of next will be talking about Dr. Humphrey is

plan your trip Thailand visiting thailand create jobs at noon or in now Jonah today as physical look at the business here in town as to if

there is plan your trip Thailand going to help relieve Holly for the latter half of 2014 the first is health as consumer

confidence is recovering apparently according to the latest survey today it is canceled economic and this is plan your trip Thailand for catheter the University attaching copies from May 19 270.7 people 67.8 this is the first time recovering in 14 months the boost in plan your trip Thailand confidence and nails and feet into confidence in the stabilization of the situation and expectations that the economy plan your trip Thailand will recover in the future purchasing power hospital visit by device he payments paid to farmers the diversity survey level Coppis would be about 100 67.8 this is the first time recovery and 14 months the boost in confidence in May is activated to Compton industrialization of the political situation and expectations that

the economy visiting thailand will plan your trip Thailand recover in the future purchasing power has been crucified of ice cream payments made

to farmers the diversity survey that the normal plan your trip Thailand level of confidence would be about 100 hundred the business is still present in consumer confidence in Thailand deposit down to the US dollar upon 32.9 yesterday has investors have work comp this entire economy growing national Council for peace and order or an CPO has outlined economic package would suggest that the market economy will continue to strengthen falling to coo on June 22 the video also indicates that support for visiting thailand public investments such as the Road mass transit project in Bangkok at the double track layaway for investors have returned to the stock market yesterday with that buying up two .7 billion baht and to answer the military had

announced that visiting thailand Marshall on June 20 investors that were selling timeshares and tell me the 31st of the combined

wealth of money that had flowed I was around 33 billion pot this follows the visiting thailand affirmation abide Moody’s Investors Service affirming the towns long-term issue were waiting at the system Monitor could be a speed of investment here in the country wide board new committee will be set up pretty soon by the military government the fair visiting thailand chief Marshall Virginia Polbida feature all financial counsel for pizza order or an CPO will tomorrow seek approval to appoint the new board of investment of visiting thailand POI committee this is to speed up investment projects with a combined of 700 billion baht using my political conflict the absence of a functioning government realize committee has been [process unable to consider applications for text and other privileges stop by

senior unsecured plan your trip Thailand be a visiting thailand one Brady for the bank of talent bonds the past of plan your trip Thailand raising out of work out

great looks plan your trip Thailand highly unlikely at this moment though but potentially credit positive

development plan your trip Thailand would include improvement in clinical climate and a transparent not for reforms that clearly outlines the way the military school will be tourist is the civilian government factors are still there in terms of possibly being out the negative outlook those include escalation of conflict between the military and protesters also if in the rise in government funding plan your trip Thailand costs inflation is a big concern here and talents as right now there are oh but he reports that inflation has hit a 12 month to look hi Nelda the chocolate hydrating pounds as of the documents data has released today that the headline inflation rate has excellent to a 14 month high in May or higher food and energy prices posing additional headache for the policymakers plan your trip Thailand facing a cooling economy and fears of going public on best, space race as a headline consumer price index bells 2.62% in May from a year earlier this compares with the median forecast any borders pole for a 2.59% price to oppose a 2.45% increase in April

I will save a visiting thailand central-bank is unlikely though to change his stance in the visiting thailand next plan your trip Thailand policy review on June

five and an economy that has shrunk in the first quarter after months visiting thailand of political pass the core inflation rate which strips out fresh food and energy prices into one and three quarters of a percent year on year in May from 1.66% in April against 1.7% in the whole so we will have to see how the back of talent target range as this summer they will be having their meeting visiting thailand in the meantime though if I was in news there has been a development a billionaire has decided that he’s going to go against the richest man in the Philippines in setting up I can pay two by mom-and-pop store outlets that billionaire is John go call visiting thailand Ray as he’s on the lookout for mom-and-pop place in the Philippines to compete with the retail stores owned by the country’s richest man beside our agent is willing to talk about five €93 million dollars food 2016 for the expansion the plan is to invest in family-owned grocery or pharmacy visiting thailand chains of 3 to 8 outlet outside the capital of Manila Robinson retail has made at least four acquisitions since November and it’s food to compete with size S and retail Inc. and pure gold price club Inc. this move comes as Pres. Benigno Aquino plans to be spending to a record year for 2014th two more investments to improve infrastructure and

I think that plan your trip Thailand you got visiting thailand the just play by eat a text center plan your trip Thailand that wraps up the new English on use

for this afternoon thank you plan your trip Thailand for being with us and Corsica station for more English news

tonight at the top, now it’s somebodyAs here on now 26 was been told Joan on tonight as we take a look at the various reactions in the military government here in town the first is plan your trip Thailand coming from a very significant country Australia they have recently announced that they disapprove of the coup d’état as they have said that they will be putting on a certain action similar to that of the United States Thailand expresses disappointment though at Estrella’s decision to dump the mutual relations issuing travel bands for high ranking officers and cutting defense cooperation in the wake of the military’s power seizure the Foreign Ministry’s permit secretary see Hassaku Ankit doubt that this appointment during the annual Shangri-La security dialogue in Singapore in which Australia attended during the weekend just chilling down and says in a joint statement on Saturday that it had postponed three activities with the tight military and what a serious Foreign Minister Julie Bishop I’m Defense Minister David Johnston said in the joy stated that there needs to be a return to democracy and the rule of law as soon as possible

visiting thailand industrial and government says it looks visiting thailand for to “normalizing our relationship as soon as possible

but it would continue to review defense and other bilateral activities all the nongovernmental organizations call horny needed and to the military rule in Thailand described it’s martial law as a subscription to human rights and fundamental freedoms of the 25 NGOs had held a peaceful protest in front of April tired to say today and the management democracy be restored in Thailand and allowing the Thai people to decide future for their own country they say that the military was not the solution to visiting thailand the present political impasse in Thailand as it would only fuel for the repression especially towards the working class of the country that are presented a memorandum to the tie and bastard his Excellency Kate got to get get the guy to be disapproving of the military prohibiting any activity censoring the media outlawing need meetings and assemblies and detaining people with out charge off to 18 months the key drivers for the solemn affirmation for the governments impaired ability to manage its finances strong institutional anchors that are unaffected by the military coup sustained external strength booties also affirms the